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PT Denki Mandiri
PT Denki Mandiri
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Name:Mr. Fani Chen [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:+62 87878727387
Fax Number:+62 21 4203454
Address:Komp. Ketapang Indah Blok B3 No.78, JI.K.H.Zainul arifin
Jakarta pusat 11140, Jakarta
PT Denki Mandiri can try support and supply everything goods for our customers, if their need impor from direct asian manufacturer. PT Denki Indonesia also can helping to find overseas distribution for increase sales from local/ indonesia manufacturer
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Registration Date:May. 27, 2010
Last Updated:Apr. 08, 2015
Business Nature:Trade of Security & Protection category

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Company Brief

PT Denki Mandiri as General trading company.

The core of our business can be classified into three major categories: electrical building materials, electrical and mechanical components for product manufacturing and industrial machines and equipment. These advanced products are backed by the superior technical support of our knowledgeable staff.

PT Denki Mandiri have attained our reputation for excellent service through many years of experience as an exclusive agent for various leading manufacturers.

While our principal regional emphasis has been focused in Asian countries, we have also gained more than 20 years of experience in the North American, European and Middle Eastern markets.

PT Denki Mandiri are always working toward industrial development in various regions through our global sales network.

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